Virtual internship

If you’re into the square format, if you have some free time and would like to use it to further a noble cause, why not help us out?

We are always looking for people willing to help in the following areas: talent scouting, writing of editorial content, management of our online social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), general fund gathering, liaising with artists, galleries and art organisations… and a whole lot more.

You won’t get paid for this. We are sorry. Not even the editor, the designers or the web publisher gets any money. That’s because there isn’t any (not because we are odious penny-pinchers). Square magazine is a registered cic, or Community Interest Company. All the money we get from grants, or from the sales of the books we publish, is reinjected into the magazine as frames, equipment, web space and the like.

On the other hand, you are bound to learn something and to be part of a great adventure. We’ll write you a letter of reference if you need one, we’ll put you into contact with artists and potential employers, in short we’ll be as thankful as possible.

Here is what Nina had to day about her stay with us:

"Assisting for Christophe and Square Magazine was a truly eye opening experience. He showed me a world of interesting art/photography that I had not seen before. His curating skills are unique. I gained a lot of understanding around what curating was and how images worked together.
I was lucky enough to assist Christophe at a Square exhibition he was having in France. Here I was introduced to many artists/photographers where I was able to discuss with them their work and their journey. It was inspiring and also a lot of fun.
Along with the professional aspect of the role in assisting being around great work and the artists within the exhibition space there is a buzz which sucks you in and motivates and encourages you to do more, it sets the bar of what you are aiming to achieve and makes your aspirations feel possible. I gained a deeper understanding of photography.
Christophe has been a great mentor to me with my own work and has constantly supported and helped me to develop ideas. I know I can contact him any time for advice. He can spin ideas around and make you see things in a different light, he will challenge you to have more depth and originality within your work, this I have found is priceless. My time spent with square magazine was fun, thought provoking and truly valuable in my development as a photographer."

If you are interested, contact us!