Issue 902 is out

Featuring work by Andrea Tonellotto,Maurizio Cortigiano, Michel Pannier, Arthur Tress, Eliza Badoiu, Marc Shoul, Jim Naughten, Mishu Vass, Ludovica Anzaldi and Benjamin Tankersley You can download a free high-quality copy here (40 Mb) or read it on...

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An interview with Paul Giambarba

Paul Giambarba is the guy who designed the iconic Polaroid rainbow diamond. He was guest of honour at the Polaroid Festival we sponsored and talks about working with Edwin Land and the Polaroid brand...

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Bradon Thibodeaux’s ‘In That Land Of Perfect Day’

We published Brandon’s work a while ago, in issue 403 (have a look here). Brandon has recently published this series in book format, as part of his continued art practice. Check it out here...

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eResidency programme: Guillaume Cortade, “Dunes de Flandres”

Guillaume Cortade, from France, will be our next eResident. His work will centre on the beaches of Flanders, a microcosm teeming with visual wonders. It’s a social commentary, a bittersweet but ultimately a highly endearing...

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