Issue 804 is out

Featuring work by Adeline Spengler, Sarah Brooks, Arnaud Perrel, Jean-Paul Bourdier, Lotta van Droom, Keith Taylor, Bree Lamb, Patricia Van De Camp, Alan Marcheselli and Soledad Manrique You can download it for free here (28M) or read it online via A phone version (12M)...

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The new gallery

Now that I have moved to France, the plan is to open a “proper” Square Gallery in a barn that I own. It will take a bit of time to get it sorted (the roof...

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Bradon Thibodeaux’s ‘In That Land Of Perfect Day’

We published Brandon’s work a while ago, in issue 403 (have a look here). Brandon has recently published this series in book format, as part of his continued art practice. Check it out here...

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Pauline Sauveur’s new book is out

Back in 2014, Pauline Sauveur was one of our artists in eResidence. She put her project “Deviens ce que tu es” in book form and I was honoured to be asked to write the...

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