Issue 1202 is out, and it’s the last one

The  Summer 2021 issue is now out, and it is the last one. After 11 years, Square Magazine is closing shop. In all this time, we had a few high profile exhibitions, two books, 46 issues, 7 Special issues and published just shy of 500 artists. We published big names, amateurs, students and professionals photographers, male and female, from all over the world.

All in all, not a bad run at all.

But now it’s time to turn the page. We’d like to thank all the artists who trusted us with their work, all the people who helped us, the proofreaders, the translators, the gallery directors and, of course, all our readers.

Square Magazine is no more, but the Square lives on!

Issue 1202 features work by Iwajla Klinke, Stephen McNally, Cannon Bernáldez, Karen Neems, Francis Goussard, Marjolaine Vuarnesson, Denis Olivier, Hannah Kozak, Poole / Mauge

You can download a free high-quality copy here (55 Mb). A lighter version is available for mobile devices here (8 Mb).


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