Square Galley summer show

The current show starting on August until the end of September features two artists: Eliza Badoiu and Sylvestre Anasse. Both are into experimental photography, using either analogue or digital practice. They both build dreamlike images, disquieting and light.

The show will run from August 01 to September 30. Sylvestre Anasse will be around to talk about his work too on August 01.

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Artists statements:

Sylvestre Anasse

I do photography alongside my practice as a painter, but I had never shown this work outside my workshop.
Since October 2009, I started to put them up on Flickr and to exhibit them in France and Denmark. I work with various
cameras, both film-based and digital, and a scanner. I am not interested in technique. I love my cameras,
but they are only tools. I assemble, I glue, I mix media together, the way I’ve always done ever since I worked in my
parents’ workshop. I don’t travel and I rarely step out of my studio.
The subjects of these photos belong to a collection of popular and ethnic objects. The people in the images are
my friends and family.


Eliza Badoiu

“In the Gethsemane Garden”

This is an outdoor session self-shot on a family trip we had on a weekend. That is quite unusual for my imagery
attempts because I mainly deal with indoors self-portraits. I used myself as the main subject which mainly becomes
reduced to the idea of an illusion, being assimilated by the remoteness of the scenery itself.

It is a series of self-search, where the mind and the inner flow can’t just yet be put at ease. The head is always
replaced either by the moon, a symbol that stands for femininity, either by a sphere, the circle, that encloses the splashing
ideas of the inner mind itself.



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