How To Use The Camera on All Peloton Bikes and Treads

Peloton bikes and treadmills have enabled us to enjoy a workout in different ways. One way of it is the chance to connect and live chat with friends via camera.

If you don’t know how to use the integrated Peloton camera, you should go through this complete guide. This guide will tell you how to turn the camera on/off, start the video call and ride in real-time with your friends. You could also find out the secret tips and tricks for better use of the Peloton camera.

Why is there a camera on Peloton?

Peloton bikes, bikes plus, and treads are all equipped with integrated cameras and normal functions. In this sense, you can use the Peloton camera to:

  • Take photos for workout profile setting
  • Make video chat with a friend and ride in real-time together
  • Request for video chatting with the instructors
  • Receive video calls connected from your phone
  • Contact the Peloton support team if needed
Taking photo with peloton
Taking photo with peloton

Peloton camera allows you to connect with people while working out, request attention and support if needed and get the best shoot to set your Peloton workout avatar. The integrated camera can bring you more joy during workout sessions, so let’s use them as much as possible!

Peloton camera features

You can find the small camera built on the screen’s rears on any Peloton bikes, bikes plus and treads. The camera configurations of the latest Peloton bikes plus and treads are at 8.0 megapixels. However, the old or early bike models are only equipped with 5.0 megapixels.

Moreover, only the Peloton bike plus and tread are installed with a camera cover. Peloton bike models are without it.

Peloton camera
Peloton camera

The Peloton camera is always turned off in the default setting. So when you first use the Peloton camera, you have to turn it on in the setting.

How to use the Peloton camera for taking profile photos?

Turn on the Peloton camera

Step 1: Locate the camera and take off the camera cover. Some old Peloton models are not built with the cover, so you can skip this step if you are using them.

Peloton screen with camera
Peloton screen with camera

Step 2: Turn on the Peloton screen and log into your account. Then tap onto your avatar on the top right corner of the screen to access the setting mode.

Peloton profile setting
Peloton profile setting

Step 3: You can see your profile picture in the setting mode. Tap on your avatar to see “Upload picture” and “Camera” options. Click on the “Camera” option to turn on the integrated camera.

Step 4: Take a good photo with the camera and follow the instruction to set it as your profile picture.

Turn off the Peloton camera

After taking the photo, you can exit the setting mode to turn the camera off automatically. Remember to put on the camera cover if you don’t need to use the camera anymore.

How to video chat with Peloton camera?

Switch on the camera

Similarly, you have to get the camera cover off first. Then you should access the profile setting by clicking on your profile picture on the screen.

profile setting function
Profile setting function

Choose the video chat setting

You should swipe and find where the social tab is. Then you can tap on the “Enable video chat” option in the social tab to allow Peloton to activate this function.

Enable video function
Enable video function

Start video chatting

Step 1: Make sure that the one you are going to video chat

  • Using the same Peloton workout device (Peloton bikes or tread)
  • Following you and you follow him/her
  • Getting in the same workout class concurrently

Step 2: You two should join the same Peloton class before video calling. You should check the leaderboard to find your friend’s account.

Peloton leaderboard
Peloton leaderboard

Step 3: Click on that account to see the “Video chat” option. Click on that option to make a video call.

Start video chatting
Start video chatting

Step 4: Your friend will get a notification of your video call on the screen. Once they accept your call, the chat will start and a live video window will pop out.

Stop video chatting

You will see an “End chat” option on the live video window. Tap on it to stop video chatting.

Video chat with your friend
Video chat with your friend

Besides, Peloton treads are equipped with a privacy slider. You can slide to the left to stop video chatting too.

You can learn more about video chatting using the Peloton camera here:

Why can’t I video chat with my friends on Peloton?

You may find your Peloton video call not working sometimes. So apart from the above conditions, you should also make sure that

  • You have the premium Peloton subscription. Only premium subscribers have access to the Leaderboards and start a video call from there.
  • Your friends have enabled the camera function on Peloton to answer your video chatting.

How to ride real-time with a friend on Peloton

In case you want to host a small workout party with your friend, you can plan a real-time riding session using the camera and video chat function. Here is a simple guide to ride with your friends:

Pick your Peloton class

Step 1: You should discuss this with your friends and decide on which classes you are going to ride together. Remember that, at the moment, only cycling, running, walking, and boot camp classes are available with the video chatting function.

Choosing Peloton class
Choosing Peloton class

Step 2: Use the Peloton app on your phone to arrange the date of the decided classes. You can schedule the classes fortnight in advance.

Setting class date & time
Setting class date & time

Step 3: Use the “invite” option to get the link or share the class arrangement with your friends.

Invite your friend

You can invite your friends to the arranged classes by

  • Send your friend the link to the classes via email, social network platform
  • Share the classes directly to your friends’ Peloton accounts using the chatting section
Invite your friend on peloton
Invite your friend on peloton

Join the workout session together

Step 1: Shortly before the intended date and time of the classes, there will be a notification to remind you and your friend of the schedule. All of you can click on the link or the notification to attend the classes.

Real-time ride with friend
Real-time ride with friend

Step 2: When you are all joined in, follows the steps above to start a live video chat and enjoy the ride together.

Here is a demonstration of how to ride in real-time with your friends on Peloton:

2 Helpful tips for using Peloton camera

Ensure good internet connection

To enable video chatting on the Peloton fitness device, you must connect it to a network via Wi-Fi. The quality and speed of the network will determine the quality of the video call.

If the Wi-Fi signal is poor, there will be lagging or disconnection when you video calling on Peloton bikes and tread. So make sure that you have a stable and decent-speed Wi-Fi connection before starting the call.

Use a camera cover

As said above, the Peloton bikes plus and treads are built with camera and camera covers already. However, if you are using a Peloton bike model, you can purchase a camera cover separately.

The camera cover will help to protect the camera from scratching, dusting, and getting damaged. It surely can prolong the usage time of your Peloton camera.


Can Peloton instructors see you?

No, Peloton instructors cannot see you during the ride unless you make a video chat with them.

Are you on camera when using Peloton?

No, you are not on camera when using Peloton unless you turn it on for taking photos or live video calls.






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