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  • Peloton Screen Not Turning On

    Peloton Screen Not Turning On

    Members spend a lot of money to own a Peloton Bike/Bike+ because they believe that it will be useful for their fitness journey. It is true but the Bike/Bike+ can’t be brand new or work properly forever. There will be some problems occurring, which can come from the manufacturer or users, and the Peloton screen […]

  • How To Fix a Clicking Noise on a Peloton Bike

    How To Fix a Clicking Noise on a Peloton Bike

    Do you ever notice a clicking noise from your Peloton bike? It must be an irritating experience and affect your workout efficiency.   So how to fix a clicking noise on a Peloton bike? This problem may arise from faulty components of the bike. Fixing it will be easy once you’ve identified the cause. In […]

  • Complete Guide For Peloton Weight Loss Workout Plan And Schedule

    Complete Guide For Peloton Weight Loss Workout Plan And Schedule

    Keeping in shape is one of the most important goals of all fitness lovers all around the world. However, have you known how to burn fat effectively with Peloton? If you are curious, let’s check out this complete guide for the Peloton weight loss workout plan and schedule here! In this guide, you will find […]

  • How To Use The Camera on All Peloton Bikes and Treads

    How To Use The Camera on All Peloton Bikes and Treads

    Peloton bikes and treadmills have enabled us to enjoy a workout in different ways. One way of it is the chance to connect and live chat with friends via camera. If you don’t know how to use the integrated Peloton camera, you should go through this complete guide. This guide will tell you how to […]

  • SP03 Toy Camera is Out

    In association with Rayko Photo Center. Guest starring Thomas Michael Alleman, Stéphane Biéganski & Annette Fournet. SP03 Toy Camera SP03 Toy Camera magazine is a publication dedicated to the art of toy camera photography. The magazine features articles, interviews, and photo galleries showcasing the work of photographers from around the world who specialize in using […]

  • Issue 4.2 is Out

    Issue 2.4, featuring Alison Turner, Cécile Decorniquet, Daniella Zalcman, Delphine Burtin, Heidi Lender, Joanna Black, Paola de Grenet, Paula Goddard, Ula Tarasiewicz & Wendy Aldiss.

  • Square Invasion – Call to Artists

    Square is everywhere. Everywhere I go I see it taking over egg boxes, lasagna dishes, beer bottles. If you have witnessed a square occurrence, or bought a square product, send us a picture and we’ll do a special feature. Check out our discussion about the way square is taking over the world. Square Invasion Are […]

  • SQUARE Magazine Issues

    Square Magazine is a bilingual online quarterly about square format photography. It was created in February 2010 by Christophe Dillinger with Yves Bigot, Carine Lautier and Clara Forest. Special Issue Toy Cameras-March 2013 In association with Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco Issue 3.4-January 2013 Esther Prinsze // Emmanuelle Brisson //Cristina De Middel //Pamela Klaffke //Sushmita Meka //Michele Palazzi //Florence […]

  • Square Residencies

    Would you like to try your hand at the square format and be published in the magazine? The Square Residencies program will do just that. It is free, it lasts three to six months and is open to all, regardless of age, gender or nationality. Here’s What You Need to Do: Gather some of your […]

  • Contribute To The Square Magazine

    If you want to contribute to this magazine, or simply help out if you think you have skills we can use, drop us a line using our contact address. To Propose Your Work Send only square format photographs. We accept anything, even cropped 24×36 (film or digital), medium format or Polaroid. Square is in the mind, not […]

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